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Fall Daylight Savings Time: Enjoy the extra hour!

5 Things to Do and Clean During Fall Daylight Saving Time!

Looking for an extra hour of sleep. This Sunday will provide you the opportunity. For those of you that have analog clocks, it is time to turn back the clocks 1 hours. It's best to change the clocks before you go to bed. Some people are looking forward to Daylight Saving Time this Sunday. Other people are dredging having to adjust their sleep patterns and body to the hour difference.

After you enjoy (or not enjoy) the extra hour we get during the Fall Daylight Saving Time, what can we do? Below are recommendations of tasks to complete and things to clean.

Tip #1 - Sleep In or go out

Have often do you get to sleep in? If you are like me, not often. Stay in bed for an extra hour. Your body may need it. Why not use the extra hour to enjoy the morning by going to eat or for a nice walk. Whatever it is you decide to do, enjoy the extra hour instead of wasting it.

Tip #2 - Change Batteries in the smoke and carbon Monoxide detectors

It is recommended to test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least twice a year. It is also recommended to change the batteries to ensure they work properly.

The CDC has great information on carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning HERE.

Tip #3 - clean dust from air vents and ceiling fans

This is a great time to inspect the air vents and clean any dust buildup that may have occurred over the summer. Removing the dust from the air vents will provide better air circulation and allow your air system to run more efficiently. This is also a great time to clean the dust from the ceiling fans.

Tip #4 - organize your yard

The days are getting shorter. Time to prepare your yard for the winter. Storage any items you are not going to use during the winter. Cut wood or order a wood delivery to use for the fireplace. Rack the leaves from the yard. This is also a good time to maintenance or buy yard equipment for the winter.

Tip #5 - Window cleaning

The weather can do a number on your windows. With the heat of the summer sun beaming on your windows, rain and wind storms, and dirt accumulation, your windows can use a good cleaning. Daylight Saving Time is a great time to clean your windows. Whether you clean the windows yourself or hire a professional company such as Energize Cleaning Services, your windows will look good for the winter and the holiday season.

Don’t Forget to Turn "back" your clocks 1 hour!

Even though the days are short, there are many things to do to take advantage of the Fall Daylight Saving Time.

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